Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Parties can be so fun. We had one for our son's 2nd birthday; and although it was the middle of January and freezing, the kids still had a blast! 

We got a pile of sand delivered to our house so the kids could dig for dinosaurs. These are the dinosaurs that I bought to put in the sand. I also bought some of these little eggs that have tiny dinosaurs inside them. I think the kids enjoyed those the most! 

The Husband also made this sign out of scrap wood he had lying around. You could easily use one of these if you don't have any scrap wood. 

We of course had all the usual party decorations: balloons, table ware, cupcake toppers, dinosaur masks.

Then there's your wardrobe. You can't forget to dress your little boy or girl in the cutest dinosaur outfit! 

And for our big finale, we had a dinosaur piñata! It was so much fun! Ours was a little different but any of these would work just as well! 

Then to really top off the birthday party, these easy dinosaur experiments would be a great addition! 

National Greographic Erupting Volcano

The Magic Schoolbus Erupting Volcano

Dinosaur Experiments

Have fun at your Dinosaur Party! 

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